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There's Art in Each Performance

When people hear the word "art" they tend to picture items that are created physically. Paintings and sculptures are undeniably art. But art does not, in fact, have to be a physical object. Art can also be a performance. In fact, there is an entire field of art known as performing arts. In this type of art, people use their actions, voice, and expressions to evoke feelings in the audience. Sometimes, they also bring in outside objects to use. For instance, a violinist would do their artistic performance using a violin. If you're interested in learning more about various performing arts, read some of the articles on this website. We think you'll enjoy them.


Fighting Anti-Asian Hatred With Documentary Films

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a wave of anti-Asian hatred swept America and other parts of the world. Innocent people were attacked and vilified for their race. Thankfully, documentary films about racism have highlighted this fact and may be a valuable tool to fight the dangers of racial hatred worldwide. 

How Movies Can Help Combat Racial Tension in a Post-COVID World

In a world where racial tension against Asian people has become potent, a film can be a powerful medium to fight hatred. People have grown used to listening to movies and learning from their lessons. A detailed anti-hate film that highlights the surge of anti-Asian sentiment after COVID can help manage this problem and keep people safe by:

  • Educating Children Early: Fighting racial hatred often starts early by showing children it is wrong. People's moral beliefs are usually created very young, and anti-racist movies can help instill these beliefs early and help a child resist dangerous hate-filled thoughts.
  • Opening Up Honest Discussions: The best anti-racist movies are honest and open about this problem and create meaningful discussions. Even people with minor racial concerns may find these movies exciting and open up debates and discussions that change problematic thinking.
  • Avoiding Hating the Other Side: Vilifying racists is an understandable reaction but often triggers more hatred by making these individuals feel attacked. Instead, films that focus on fully understanding why people hate and finding solutions that minimize these reactions.
  • Highlighting Personal Similarities: Anti-racist films often focus heavily on similarities in people throughout the world, highlighting the ways that everyone is connected. This approach aims to create empathy between people of different races and break through perception issues that often worsen a person's racism and make it harder to combat.

The best anti-racism movies focus heavily on the cyclical nature of these feelings. But unfortunately, racial hatred seems to rise regularly and often focuses unfairly on groups that don't deserve it. Thankfully, documentaries and other films can provide the necessary educational help to minimize the dangers of racial thoughts.

Making the World a Better Place

Anyone who knows people with anti-Asian sentiments or other racist beliefs may want to watch powerful anti-racist documentary films with these people. Sometimes, it takes a careful and measured approach to handle hatred. The idea that love can conquer hate might seem naïve or idealistic, but it may be a powerful way of improving the world.

Check out movies like The Race Epidemic to learn more.